CHILL DUDE: Racoons Killed Man’s Cat Years Ago, Now He’s on a Mission to Kill Them

Published on August 30, 2013

A 50-year-old man allegedly beat two raccoons – one fatally – with a nail-studded plank of wood because he harboured loathing for the species which killed his cat years ago.

Richard Moller, from Boulder, Colorado, claimed in an arrest affidavit he saw an ‘opportunity’ to kill the raccoons as ‘revenge’ for the slaughter of his cat.

The two raccoons were in a large dumpster  when Moller spotted them, and he allegedly jumped inside, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

He then picked up a piece of nail-studded wood and started beating the animals, the news service said.

An eye witness said he could hear the raccoons ‘screaming and moaning’ as Moller was allegedly ‘pushing nails into the animals,’ the Daily Camera reported.

The witness intervened and yelled at Moller, but his response was: ‘All raccoon must die,’ the news service said.

He then allegedly jumped out and walked away from the scene.

Police caught up with Moller and searched the dumpster.

Inside they found one dead raccoon and another injured animal, which ran away before they could catch it. They also found a three-foot plank with nails sticking out of it.
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