Dems Propose Mega Tax On Guns & Ammo To Finance Oppressive Anti-Gun Enforcement

Published on August 25, 2013

Writing for Ammoland, Max McGuire, of Sanity Politics,informs us that early this month, Congressman Danny K. Davis  (D-IL), along with co-sponsor Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ), introduced H.R. 3018, the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act  of 2013.” This bill,according to the text, would impose a whopping new 20% tax on  all firearms purchases, and a 50% tax on  ammunition. National Firearms Act (machine guns, suppressors, sawed-off shotguns  and rifles, etc.) transfer fees would also go way up, as would licensing fees  for gun dealers, manufacturers and importers.

Furthermore, these new taxes would not be applied, as per current practice  under the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act, to wildlife conservation,  which at least provides some benefit to hunters (and perhaps, some  day, to shooters  in general). Instead, this new tax revenue would go to the police  (the militarization  of law enforcement, after all, ain’t cheap), and to fund anti-gun agenda-driven  “research.