Did Our Founders Create a Binding Contract or a Living Document?

Published on August 8, 2013

They understood the natural laws of men in a way that even the most forward-thinking men of today have no concept.  They lived a life under tyranny and understood what a gigantic leap of faith it would take to strike out on their own and attempt to structure a new frame of government that the world had never seen.

They studied the governments of the world and dissected them in ways that were unbelievably intelligent.  They understood firsthand what can happen to a person when they obtain power, how it can corrupt their hearts and lead to all manners of abuse and evilness.

Together, they debated for months at the Constitutional Convention- and in the Constitution and it’s 10 Amendments, otherwise known as The Bill of Rights, came to a conclusion that every single one of them could agree on, which when dealing with human nature is an incredible feat all on it’s own.  John Adams said, “The Constitution is the greatest single effort of national deliberation that the world has ever seen.”

As they built this framework of government for this new and budding country, they established it around human nature and its overwhelming desire for life, liberty and security.  These are qualities that are everlasting and do NOT change with times.  This document was honed to precision to prevent abuse by any future for.m of power.  Human nature in both its best and most wicked forms have not changed over the last 200 years, nor will it.

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For as James Madison said, “The happy union of these states is a wonder; their Constitution is a miracle; their example the hope of liberty throughout the world.  Woe to the ambition that meditate the destruction of either!”

brittanyBrittany Pounders is Co-Founder of www.LibertyJuice.com and has been an active proponent for the conservative movement in Fort Bend County and the State of Texas. She was a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention in 2010 and in 2012. More recently, she attended the GOP National Convention and worked with some of the most talented people involved with the Romney/Ryan campaign.

You can follow Brittany Pounders on Twitter @LibertyBritt

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