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HEY, ANTI-WAR LIBERALS: Why Are You So Frickin’ Quiet Regarding Obama and Syria?

Bush Lied, People Died! Who’s Lying Now, Lefties?

CRAIG ANDRESEN- The liberal “there were no WMD in Iraq” crowd is being suspiciously silent right now as their chosen one, Obama, is about to launch military strikes against Syria’s Assad.

There ARE WMD in Syria and I doubt anybody would deny that but, there are some very dire questions which must be posed.

First…Where did Syria GET the WMD?

Remember…the “There were no WMD in Iraq” crown has, for a decade, jeered at the idea that WMD were moved FROM Iraq TO Syria even though there were satellite images clearly showing caravans of heavy trucks moving SOMETHING out of Iraq and across the border into Syria.

Now, chemical weapons are being USED in Syria and that brings up the 2nd dire question.

WHO is using them?

Yesterday, Obama trotted out the Vietnam war traitor, John Kerry, to tell us all that, “What is before us today is real, and it is compelling.”

Kerry stated, “Our sense of basic humanity is offended not only by this cowardly crime but also by the cynical attempt to cover it up.”


Quite a statement from the administration that successfully covered up Fast and Furious and is actively covering up Benghazi.

He went on to say the evidence was “clear” and “undeniable” that the Syrian regime had used chemical agents.

What Kerry did NOT do was tell anybody what that “CLEAR and UNDENIABLE” evidence IS.

Assad says it wasn’t him. It wasn’t his military using gas to attack anyone and called it “absurd” that chemical weapons would be used by his regime when his military was active in the area OF the attacks.

“Would any state use chemical or any other weapons of mass destruction in a place where its own forces are concentrated? That would go against elementary logic.”

Here is yet another dire question.

IF Assad was the one USING the chemical weapons, why then, would he allow U.N. inspectors to access the areas where the attacks took place?

And…Given the fact that Assad DID allow those inspectors in yesterday…WHO exactly fired UPON those inspectors?

The suburb of Damascus where the chemical attacks took place is a suburb held by the Syrian “rebels.” As it is held BY the “rebels” and as Assad says the attacks were NOT done by his military…Why would ASSAD have HIS snipers trying to deter the inspectors if, indeed, those inspectors could CLEAR him?

If ASSAD did the attack…HE wouldn’t allow inspectors in to begin with.

And then, there’s this...posted by WND this morning.

Those aren’t Assad’s military.

THOSE are Syrian “rebels” and that hand-made blue canister is NOT what would normally be launched from that artillery piece.

THAT is, most likely, a CHEMICAL mortar. Most likely, SARIN gas.


More so that the complete lack of ANY evidence provided yesterday by John Kerry.

Think about it.

Obama wants Assad OUT just like he wanted Gaddafi OUT and Mubarak OUT.

Gaddafi was replaced in Libya by al Qaeda.

Mubarak was replaced in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood.

And, who exactly are the Syrian “REBELS???”

Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.