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HOLLYWOOD LEANS RIGHT: First Bono, Now Kutcher Preaches Hard Work to Generation Duh

This might not sound like an overtly political speech, but it speaks volumes against what Hollywood and our Big Government are telling the teens of America. Why is this speech such a big deal? Because its a speech given by a young, hot guy about the importance of a little thing called ‘work ethic.’ A characteristic that is now considered old school and nerdy. The cast of ‘The Five’ discussed the speech last night and talked about how much more it means to young people coming from a young, it-guy celeb as opposed to, well, THEM. We expect conservative pundits to rattle off about the value of hard work – right there with our grandpas – and we nod if we’re friendly. We change the channel. We want to hear from the Ashtons – not the Bill O’Reilys.

Greg Gutfeld commented on work ethic in this country and brought up how the Obama Administration is doing everything in its power to raise up a generation of young people who live by a mantra that sounds a little something like, “Why work for the man when the government can pay you not to?”