If G.W Bush Had A Son, He’d Look Like Christopher Lane  

Written by Taleeb Starkes on August 24, 2013

Imagine the Left’s reaction if the shocking, inter-racial murder of Christopher Lane had occurred when G.W Bush was president and he stated, “If I had a son, he’d look like Christopher,” or “Christopher Lane could’ve been me 35 years ago.” Undoubtedly, the race-peddlers and entire grievance industry would’ve interpreted his comments as subtle war declarations against Black America. Yet, when President Obama made these statements about Trayvon Martin, the Lefties claimed that he wasn’t being divisive, he was simply “keepin’ it real.”

The racial dynamic of both Christopher Lane and Trayvon Martin’s scenarios has many people focusing on the similarities, I, on the other hand, see stark contrasts.

Unlike Trayvon Martin, Christopher Lane doesn’t have powerful, race-baiting allies in the Oval Office, Justice Department, media, and entertainment industry. Assuredly, General Holder will not use Chris Lane’s senseless murder as a catalyst to pursue his often requested national race dialogue. Nope. Nor will the Justice Department zealously create a tips hotline (in Zimmerman-like fashion) to build an airtight case against the Chris Lane’s shooter for a civil rights violation or hate crime, even though the alleged gunman once tweeted“90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” 

There will not be nationwide “stop the violence” marches with fed-up participants wearing baseball hats to honor Chris Lane. Also, the Grievance Gurus will not show physical support to Chris Lane’s parents. In fact, this generic tweet from Jesse Jackson, which was likely written by his public relations person, is all that Chris Lane’s parents are likely to receive. It stated, “Praying for the family of Chris Lane. This violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail.” Apparently, the only emotion that this so-called human rights activist was able to muster for Chris Lane was a figurative frown. This guy is such a phony! I guarantee that he would’ve sent that same tweet to George Zimmerman’s parents had Trayvon Martin successfully beaten George to death. But I digress.

Unlike Trayvon Martin’s parents, no mainstream publication will feature Chris Lane’s parents and siblings on its cover with the caption “We Are Chris.” Nor will any mainstream publication with a majority White readership use his death to launch a “Save our Sons” campaign, despite the statistical fact that more Whites are killed annually by Blacks than Blacks are killed by Whites. Additionally, opportunistic celebrities will not elevate Chris Lane to cultural icon status and the Smithsonian museum will not consider incorporating any of his jogging apparel from the murder scene into its historic catalogue.

Here’s another glaring difference, the trial of Chris Lane’s killer and co-defendants will not have national coverage since Black-on-White crime isn’t a ratings draw. Even Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground laws have escaped Florida-like scrutiny because Chris Lane never had a chance to stand his ground.

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