I’M MATT DAMON: Matt Damon Praises Public Schools But Wouldn’t Dare Send His Daughters There

Published on August 6, 2013

Matt Damon will speak passionately in support of America’s public school system and their teachers – but he won’t send his children there.

Opening himself up to accusations of hypocrisy, the Hollywood actor, famed for his left wing politics, revealed his ‘moral dilemma’ in an interview published over the weekend – and bizarrely blamed his decision on the fact that public schools aren’t ‘progressive’ enough.

Revealing he is to move to Los Angeles from New York, Damon, 42, claimed he didn’t ‘have a choice’ when it came to his four daughters being enrolled into private schools there – but promised he would continue to try and ‘agitate’ for change in the ‘unfair’ public school system.

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