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IN A SEX/TORTURE HELL: Diaries of Cleveland Kidnap Victims Reveal Full Horror

Disturbing new details have emerged about the physical and emotional abuse brutally dished out by Ariel Castro to the three victims he held captive for ten years.

On the eve of Castro’s sentencing on Thursday, prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum with the court outlining the seriousness of his treatment of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry.

The report was compiled from a wealth of evidence including diaries kept by the three young women which paint a horrifying picture of the physical and psychological torture they were forced to endure.

Castro ‘serially abused them physically, emotionally, and sexually on a daily basis’ but nonetheless ‘remains remorseless for his actions.’

The memorandum says many of the charges in Castro’s indictment were originally recorded by one of the women in her diary.

In the sentencing memorandum, prosecutors describe the horrific conditions the women endured. The women’s diaries, they say, ‘document abuse and life as a captive.’

‘The entries speak of forced sexual conduct, of being locked in a dark room, of anticipating the next session of abuse, of the dreams of someday escaping and being reunited with family, of being chained to a wall, of being held like a prisoner of war,’ the memorandum says.

It also includes an evaluation by a clinical professor of psychiatry at Michigan State Universitywho describes the emotional toll that the ten years of captivity had on the women.

‘He appeared to be evolving in an ever more dangerous direction, capturing younger and younger women, telling his captives he was hunting for replacements,’ wrote Frank Ochberg.

According to Dr Ochberg’s evaluation, Castro made his victims believe that their physical survival depended on him, and he threatened to end their lives if they did not comply with their every demand.

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