Is A-Rod a G.O.A.T. or a Goat?

Published on August 13, 2013

I, too, was enthralled with this chase and watched every televised at-bat.  Now MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig want to “save the game” from the very source that saved the game 15 years ago.  Ahh, if only Jose Canseco had never written his book over a decade ago to expose the rampant use (estimate of 50-75 percent of active players) of steroids/PEDs, which he freely admitted to use.  Maybe Barry Bonds would have reached the atmospheric milestone of 800 home runs.   
Since the retirement, or should I say “banishment”, of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens after the 2007 season, Alex Rodriguez is now the most high-profile player in MLB, and the new “persona non-grata” on Commissioner Bud Selig’s “hit” list.  The embodiment of the evils of the “steroid era”, Alex is receiving scorn from both MLB, the fan base and even fellow major-leaguers.  

I know A-Rod contributed much to bring this turmoil to himself, but I still want to see him “stick it to the men” of the Steinbrenner Empire, who knowingly re-signed him to his current contract and want out now when the guy’s down.  I love A-Rod, ever since he was a rookie phenom in 1994 with the Seattle Mariners (at the tender age of 18+) and was the best shortstop in the league.  I’m saddened by many of the choices he’s made since then, but I don’t want to see him banned from baseball … as MLB threatened to do.  The public outcry against him is staggering, but understandable.  

I’m hoping that he’ll settle with MLB for a suspension for the rest of this season and all of 2014 with no salary … still leaving him the remaining 3 years of his 10 year contract totaling $61,000,000.   I know my love and compassion for “questionable” people (like A-Rod) can cloud my judgment, as I discern/evaluate through my “rose colored glasses.”  I still want to give him the “benefit of the doubt” and regard him more of a GOAT than a “goat.” 

However, in a sense The LORD Christ Jesus looks at us  through His “Blood-Rose colored glasses”, while continually making intercession for us despite our frequently “falling short of the Glory of God.”  I want Redemption for A-Rod … first and foremost Holy Spirit Redemption through the Lord Jesus, but also public redemption (or at least forgiveness).     

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