ITS GETTING REALLY GAY: Friends and Foes of Religious Liberty

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2013

There is no question that the Culture War is a polarizing force.  The same people who a generation ago would have accused Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracies of “legislating morality” are more than happy to use power politics to do exactly what they accused their counterparts of doing.
For example, in Canada, the “shibboleth” for practicing law will be the adherence to the “majority view” in welcoming what is called (by some) “same-sex marriage”.  One Christian University (Trinity Western) like many of its counterparts has a policy that its students sign onto, pledging certain conduct consistent with the values a Christian community might reasonably be expected to espouse.
Here’s the problem… Trinity University — a reputable school — is applying to open a Law Campus.  But they are being resisted, on the grounds that they will be unable to represent homosexual clientele.
(From the article) “Here is the problem: over the past forty years, the deans have welcomed countless graduates of TWU’s undergraduate programs into their own law schools. They have watched them graduate to distinguished careers at the bar. There have been no complaints about the unwillingness or inability of these lawyers to provide legal services to gay or lesbian clients. How do the deans account for this? Are they really claiming that public law school is the balm that cures the hateful propensities of these students?”

-Another recent news story was the homosexual couple suing a church in England for not marrying them, as though being married in a church was an inalienable right.

-Contrast these “Progressive” Moral Conformists with a different, but related, story.

Jonathan Johnston Executive VP of made an important realization: “At some point, equal protection and free exercise of religion are going to run into each other.”  And he decided to do something about it.

He got some friends together to work on a constitutional amendment to offer some protection.  The wording isn’t final yet, but will read something like this:

A religious organization, religious association, religious society or any person acting in a role connected with such organization, association or society and shall not be required to solemnize, officiate in, or recognize any particular marriage or religious rite of marriage in violation of its constitutional right of conscience or its free exercise of religion.

Check out the rest of his story at the Daily Caller.

And, as the “Chick-fil-A” ruckus of last year could teach us, putting money toward the things and people you support is going to speak a lot louder than boycotting it will.  So consider checking out his company while you’re at it.