ITS JUST LOVE: Lesbian Cheerleader Violates Order, Sneaks Sex with Teen

Published on August 20, 2013

Prosecutors have withdrawn a plea deal to a Florida teen accused of having sex with her underage girlfriend after it emerged last week that the 19-year-old may have violated a court order by having sex with her 14-year-old victim as recently as two weeks ago.

The deal was still on the table as recently as Friday when details of Hunt’s continued relationship with the unnamed teen had only just been reported, along with intimate details of the contents of some 20,000 text messages the two shared following Hunt’s arrest in February.

While the deal offered Hunt the chance to avoid jail time and being branded a sex offender, the Sebastian, Florida teen could once again face both. Hunt goes to court on Tuesday where a judge will rule as to whether she must return to jail for the alleged violation.

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