LIMBAUGH: Obama Is Extraordinary Because He’s Been a Disaster

Published on August 30, 2013

RUSH:  That statement that Obama made about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, not too many maids, porters, seamstresses, or whatever the hell else that he talked about making it? Even if it were the case, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be inspirational about it.  Except I do understand. Obama doesn’t believe it’s possible in this country.  That is the bottom line.  You know, the fact of the matter is, before he was elected president, Barack Obama was an ordinary guy.

He didn’t do anything extraordinary.

Zilch, zero, nada.

In fact, Obama’s extraordinary today, not because of anything he’s done as president; it’s because he’s been a disaster.  He’s extraordinary in the mere fact that he became president.  Few people do that.  But what has made him extraordinary is his utter disaster of an administration.  He rose from do-nothing state senator, to do-nothing US senator, to where he is now — and there are reasons for it.  We all know what it is.  I’m not gonna get into it, but it is what it is.

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