MANEATER: Maneating Leopard in India Has Been Shot and Killed

Published on August 12, 2013

Maneater hunted down by Hyderabad hunter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan. On Sunday Mr Khan shot the man eating leopard that had been hunting in the area of the Thunag hamlet in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

The leopard had previously killed and eaten a woman, Radha Devi, about a month ago, then eight days later another woman, Mani Devi, attempting to drag her from the family home. Two days later again, another body of Kashmiri Singh was discovered half eaten in the jungle.

Mr Khan answered a call by the Himachal Pradesh government to hunt and kill the leopard and used a .458 Winchester Magnum rifle to hunt the maneater.

Rain the previous night allowed Mr Khan to track the leopard through the hilly region dominated by thick forest. The leopard found lying in thick foilage early on Sunday morning, reportedly charged at Mr Khan as he came up to it. Hitting the leopard in the neck dropped the cat.

Hyderabadi hunter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan is the same hunter who killed the tiger in Faizabad in 2009 previously reported by

As is often asked when these incidents occur, why did the leopard turn to eating humans, not its normal prey? It has not been reported if the leopard was old, or injured in any way. However it has been reported, it is believed the leopard hunted humans due to its normal prey of sambar and barking deer being scarce in the hilly terrain.

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