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NO SPANK YOU: WI Schools Introduce Masturbation in 4th Grade

MADISON – Parents, do you know your elementary school’s masturbation education policy?

The Oak Creek School District developed a booklet for parents of elementary students to help them “understand how staff and outside resource people will handle these sensitive topics.”

Sensitive topics, indeed.

The elementary school booklet covers masturbation, sexual intercourse, sexual orientation, abortion and contraception.

The booklet is a complement to the Human Growth and Development curriculum that takes various forms throughout public school districts across the state.

It’s unclear how prevalent the Human Growth and Development curriculum is throughout the state. However, a 2012 law changed several requirements of school districts that do offer Human Growth and Development.

Those changes include:

  • Abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS.
  • Medically accurate information about HIV and AIDS.
  • Pregnancy, prenatal development, and childbirth.
  • The socio-economic benefits of marriage for adults and their children.

Other topics, such as masturbation, are open to the school board’s discretion.

In Oak Creek, parents can pick up the booklet at school during registration, according to Sara Burmeister, the school district superintendent. Parents also are sent letters before specific topics are taught and can opt their children out of the curriculum, though Burmeister says that rarely happens.

School boards, too, can opt not to offer Human Growth and Development.

When it comes to a grade-schooler’s questions about masturbation, staff will first define the term “the stimulation of one’s own genitals for the purpose of achieving sexual pleasure.”

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