OPRAH THE RACE-BAITER: Ed Meese – ‘Butler’ Film Wrong to Portray Reagan as Racist

Published on August 20, 2013

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III says the portrayal of President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy as racially insensitive in the new movie “The Butler” is not accurate.

Meese has joined with other supporters of Reagan who have been angered with the film’s claim that Reagan was indifferent to South Africa’s apartheid and the producer’s decision to have liberal Jane Fonda offer an unflattering portrayal of Nancy Reagan.

“Ronald Reagan did not have a racially discriminatory bone in his body from his very youngest days,” Meese told Newsmax. “He was opposed to any type of discrimination or mistreatment of anyone on the basis of race, or quite frankly any other innate characteristic.”

Meese said the true Ronald Reagan “treated everyone extremely well, including people who were in a position of assisting him in one way or other.”

“His whole administration was particularly loved by the people who worked in the White House and who served several administrations,” said Meese, who was a gubernatorial aide to Reagan in Sacramento before coming to the White House following the 1980 presidential election. “He was always very polite, very accommodating and very much interested in them personally.”

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