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Guerrilla Parenting

Parents: Think Before You Give Your Kids A Cell Phone

Here are some guidelines for when to give your kids a cell phone, and what rules to put around the technology:

Wait Until Your Child is 13 or Older.  Most children under 13 can’t understand the level of responsibility that comes with a cell phone and will quickly lose or damage it.

Require Financial Responsibility

Consider requiring your children to purchase their own phone while your pay for the monthly charges or vice versa.

Set Firm Boundaries.

1.  No cell phone use while driving

2.  No phone use while in class or in school

3. Cell phone use must be monitored by mom/dad

Stay Informed.

Any technology can cut you off from your kids and expose them to dangers you may not know about.  Explore technology that allows your to monitor your kids messages and activities (like My Mobile Watchdog), and talk to your kids about how they use their phone and what they are sending.

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