SATAN’S CHILDREN: 3 Teens Stab and Murder Church Lady In Plot Devised by Her Own Grandson

Published on August 3, 2013

Three teenagers were charged with murder Friday in the brutal death of a 79-year-old  Minnesota woman who was ambushed in her house, forced to write a check to her attacker, choked, then stabbed repeatedly with a sword-like knife.

Brok Junkermeier, 19, was charged with intentional second-degree murder, without premeditation, in Kandiyohi County District Court.

Two other teens , Devon Jenkins, 16, and 17-year-old Robert Warwick – the victim’s grandson – were charged as juveniles. They each face two counts of aiding and abetting murder.

According to the charging documents, Warwick was the mastermind of the deadly burglary. He believed that his grandmother, Lila Warwick, had more than $40,000 in a safe and they had been planning to kill her and steal her money for some time.

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