Schooling the Clueless Left: Angry? D*mn Straight We’re Angry! Pt. 2

Written by Teri O'Brien on August 30, 2013

During last week’s piece, I shared some of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich’s liberal hand-wringing over his perception that Americans are very, very angry when “this should be an era of relative calm.”

As I noted, Mr. Reich’s piece is an unintentionally hilarious demonstration of just how disconnected elitists really are. He is the walking embodiment of Woody Allen’s remark that “intellectuals can be absolutely brilliant, and have no idea what’s going on.”

Ironically, Mr. Reich’s search for an answer to the question “Why is the nation more bitterly divided today than it’s been in eighty years?” is a little bit like O.J. Simpson’s search for “the real killer.” We should send each of them one of those little pocket mirrors. Leftists like Mr. Reich have been promoting policies that destroy prosperity and American exceptionalism for decades.

Still, conservatism is inherently compassionate, so, as promised, let me offer the first five of ten answers to Mr. Reich’s question. Just as I said last week, we would love to hear your suggestions in the comments. Next week, I’ll share five additional reasons.

The U.S. Economy is in Ruins
Mr. Reich, like all liberals of his ilk, bleats a lot about the scourge of “income inequality”, apparently oblivious to the fact that it is their destructive policies that create poverty and economic misery. Their arrogant belief in the power of their own adept social engineering is no substitute for actual experience in the business world.

As Barack Obama totes his TelePrompTer around the country to speechify to audiences of backward children, he doesn’t realize that he is putting on a clinic of cluelessness about the free market and his lack of knowledge about policies that result in economic growth. This is a man who wrote (or told Bill Ayers) about his hostility toward business, which he viewed as “enemy lines.” He suggested that high unemployment could be blamed on ATM machines. Is it any wonder that all of the things he celebrates as economic victories are actually failures, including the corrupt GM bankruptcy process, “taking on the ‘broken’ health care system”, clean energy “successes” like Solyndra and the dozen sons of Solyndra?

Given that we’ve had this clown in office for nearly five years, working 24/7 to grow the federal government, shrink the private sector and penalize success, only the Robert Reich’s of the world can be surprised that the U.S. economy remains stagnant, and that unemployment remains unacceptably high. Three-quarters of the jobs created this year are part-time and low paying. I realize that in the ivory towers that Mr. Reich and his friends in academia inhabit, they’re still pulling down six figures for sharing their pointless brain dumps, but that is not reality for most of us.

The Lawless Obama Administration
Attorney General Eric Holder, supposedly the chief law enforcement officer in the country, sends misleading or even completely untrue letters to Congressional committees, stonewalls their subpoenas, and gives bizarre testimony about “recusing” himself in his department’s criminal investigation of a Fox News reporter. He suggests that federal prosecutors deceive courts in drug cases to avoid mandatory sentences passed by Congress. Meanwhile, his boss, Barack Obama commits an endless series of lawless actions that demonstrate that he considers duly-enacted legislation, including his “signature achievement,” the Orwellian named “Affordable Care Act” mere suggestions. Time and space limitations make it impossible to list all of his lawless actions, but you can find many of them here.

The Disconnection of the Elites
While many Americans find every day a struggle to get by, Barack and Michelle enjoy an endless whirl of luxurious, extremely expensive vacations, celebrity soireés and elaborate date nights. They spend more on one vacation than the combined annual earnings of everyone in a medium-sized American town. Mr. Reich, have you ever considered a frozen pizza from Wal-Mart and a movie from the Red Box a big Saturday night? I didn’t think so.

The Obamacare Train Wreck
After promising to televise the negotiations of “health care reform” on C-SPAN, Obamacare was forced down our throats through a series of back room deals, bribes and bare-faced lies about our ability to keep our doctors and insurance plans. Even before it has taken effect, we already feel its disastrous impact in layoffs, cut hours and spouses kicked off insurance plans.

The Community Organizer in the White House
Back in 2008, imbecile celebrities were proclaiming that “Jesus was a community organizer,” which sadly, was as close as anyone came to actually asking what a “community organizer” does. The reality is that his job is, in Saul Alinksy’s words, to “rub raw the sores of discontent”, to stoke a sense of resentment and entitlement in poor people without leaving them any better off than when you find them. Usually, the poor folks end up worse off, but no worries for the community organizer. By then he has moved on to greener pastures, like the White House. Community organizers exist to divide people against each other and create resentment. We have a person with that (and little other) expertise occupying the Oval Office. Are you starting to understand what’s going on, Mr. Reich?

Wait, there’s more. I’ll share it next week. Suffice it to say that if you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.

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