SEXTORTION: Miss Teen’s Webcam Got Hacked, Freak Threatens to Release Nude Pics, FBI Involved Now

The newly crowned Miss Teen USA has now come forward with new details of the moment a hacker revealed himself and tried to extort her with nude photos he took using her own computer’s webcam.

Without her knowledge, the hacker could watch and photograph Cassidy Wolf, a 19-year-old who took the Miss Teen USA crown in early August. He contacted Wolf and threatened to go public with the photos unless she gave him a special ‘performance.’

Now the college freshman is speaking out against so-called ‘sextortion’ in order to spread the word and teach other young women how to avoid it.

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‘I was terrified,’ she said Thursday in an interview with Today. ‘I started screaming, bawling my eyes out. I was on the phone with my mom, and I felt helpless because I wasn’t sure what to do, so it was a very terrifying moment.’

Through an anonymous email address, the cyber stalker attempted to extort Wolf for sexual favors, hence the term ‘sextortion.’

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