‘Shame on you’: Stacey Dash Calls Out Oprah for Race-Baiting

You don’t have to watch her cable network to see Oprah Winfrey these days; the billionaire media powerhouse and occasional actress is busy promoting her new film, “The Butler,” as well as opening up some racial and political divisions in the bargain.

Oprah’s not the first to compare Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African-American boy who was brutally beaten and killed by a gang for supposedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955. It’s a reckless comparison that fails to take any of the facts of the George Zimmerman case into account, aside from the race of the victim.

Oprah also said it was wise of President Obama to turn down a cameo in “The Butler,” because “he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and be on Fox News every day.” Better to stick with the obedient lapdogs at MSNBC, right?

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