Should Churches Accept FEMA Assistance?

Written by Wes Walker on August 5, 2013

Here’s an ethical problem for you to hash out.  The Church-and-State crowd can have some fun with this one.

The question is whether a Church should receive FEMA assistance.  But before you jump in with your standard knee-jerk answer, you might want to consider a few relevant facts.

1)  The Church was hit by the “Sandy” storm.

2)  Total sustained damage to all buildings totals $12-15 million.

3)  They have received no money from FEMA

4)  “Several of the damaged structures that FEMA is not funding are part of parishes that served as community centers or meeting places for volunteers in the days after the storm”

5)  “Whether it be an overdue rent bill, a warm coat or a bag full of groceries, Project Paul has been there for Bayshore residents for more than 30 years.”

6)  They raised $1.8 Million after the storm, and used it for Social Services, not for rebuilding.

So, then…

What would YOU do?

The rest of the source article can be found at USA Today: