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Should Jesse Jackson Pay in Court for calling Florida a Racist Apartheid State?

By Kevin Fobbs

August 1, 2013 at 10:57 am

There a serious disconnect between Jesse Jackson and the American public when it comes to the 21st century and the turbulent times of the civil rights movement of the 1960s where he still lives. On Tuesday, while in Florida, Jackson decided to once again stir up Floridians and the nation by labeling the state as the “the Selma of our time,” according to Fox News.

What is indeed tragic about his statement is that the countless dozens of civil rights Selma marchers that fought and died during those horrific battles in 1965 to win civil rights have been cheapened by his mutterings. Jackson has once again proven why he has outlived his usefulness as well as his time on the national stage.

It should have been beneath Jesse Jackson to try and drum up old dated memories of a civil rights era that does not exist any longer. What is perplexing is how Jackson could work his lips to utter his old brand of racism based upon the jury’s diligent application of the law to the presented facts.

Instead Jackson wants the new-old standard to be one based on having a jury use their personal feelings about Trayvon Martin and how they should consider that he might have been their child.

Yet is that not the very standard that was used by many southern juries in the past to unjustly convict black defendants? Were not all white juries using that standard when prosecutors asked them to “let their conscience and their feelings be their guide” in determining the innocence or guilt of the black defendant? Well most students of history know well the outcome when application of the law was tossed out the window in those cases.

Now here come the race hustlers who still are trying to stretch their 15 or 20 years of civil rights celebrity into a lifetime hustle. Jackson somehow insists that the laws not be applied to the facts and throw all the progress of civil rights advocacy for colorblind justice right out the window.

The state of Florida and the American people are much smarter than that. Facts and the law do matter despite what Jackson thinks. In reality all of the rabble rousing and use of sheer race demagoguery by Jesse cheapens the meaning and accomplishments of the civil rights movement. He added insult to injury by comparing Florida to the racial segregationist practices that existed in South Africa which led to the rise of leaders like Nelson Mandela.

There was no racism in the Zimmerman decision, and even Trayvon’s mother stated that race was not the point of the trial. So where is the fire Jesse!

Somehow Rev. Jackson made that illogical leap from South Africa and its segregationist practices and applied it to the entire state of Florida. This is truly reprehensible. Of course as is the case in all of Jackson’s off the cuff pronouncements, he tosses verbal firebomb insults to serves his purpose but offers no facts or evidence.

The state’s Governor, Rick Scott is quoted by Fox News as saying, “Jesse Jackson owes every Floridian an apology for his reckless and divisive comments,”

Governor Scott is absolutely correct. The racially divisive behavior by Jackson and his partner in racial divisiveness Al Sharpton should be held accountable by the people of Florida. The Zimmerman trial should never have seen a Sanford, Florida courtroom. Had it not been for the inciting actions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, there would have been no national outcry over a made-up race based trial.

The tax payers of Sanford, Florida should be handing the bill for the cost of the trial to Al Sharpton as well as Jesse Jackson. In addition, the harassment and infamous demonization of George Zimmerman by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson deserves a civil lawsuit where they are put on trial for personal damage to Zimmerman’s reputation and his livelihood.

This is an important turning point for the nation and these outdated civil rights talking heads have to be held accountable for their maligning. They should not be allowed the protection of the U.S. Constitution’s Freedom of Speech when they cause intentional and foreseeable harm.

It appears clear that both Jackson and Sharpton fully intend to continue to do personal harm to Zimmerman through their character assassination of him.

In addition, the attacks that have resulted on innocent white citizens in a variety of states since the end of the trial can be logically laid at the feet of both men. Sharpton advocated for marches and for some type of retribution against Zimmerman with his not so clever use of words like, calling for a "Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action," the Saturday after the verdict. He called for protests rise up in 100 cities, which were probably in the cities that carry his MSNBC show.

Will Sharpton or Jackson pay for the injuries to those who were targeted by black teens because they were white or looked white? Will he ante up and pay for their medical bills or funeral services by youth who were yelling slogans like “This is for Trayvon!”

Is this the America that Jackson and Sharpton should be allowed to continue to foment their racist demonization attacks in? Should their ability to incite violence instead of promoting racial healing continue without any legal repercussions?

America deserves responsibility and leadership from those who use their political pulpit to create an issue where none exists and causes harm to innocents. Florida is not Selma nor is it an Apartheid state.

Therefore absent an apology that will never come from Jackson’s lips, Zimmerman and the state of Florida should take this pretender to court and force him to put up or shut up.