Stupid Liberal Bumper Stickers

Written by Mike Adams on August 29, 2013

7. Brake for Moose. This is educational. Every time I see a moose, I hit the accelerator and try to drive right through the thousand pound animal. But you’re saying I should brake instead. This is good information.

8. Question Authority. Ok, I spoke too soon. I didn’t see your “Question Authority” sticker next to the “Brake for Moose” sticker. Therefore, I’m going to have to question your authority and drive right through that moose. Or should I question your authority to tell me to question authority and just ignore you altogether? This is all so darned self-defeating. It’s sort of like an only child asking his brother for advice.

9. CHOICE. I can’t figure this one out. Does it celebrate God’s choice to give life to the unborn? Or does it celebrate mommy’s choice to take the life away so she can have a career? Does this mean all choices are intrinsically good? I need to know this because the sticker makes me want to “choose” to hit my accelerator and run into it like it was a big moose bull crossing the interstate.

10. COEXIST. Ok, wait a second. You’ve got a “COEXIST” sticker right next to your “CHOICE” sticker. So you think Muslims and Jews should just learn to coexist or, in the words of Rodney King, “all just get along?” Then, why can’t you just coexist with the unborn? If you can’t coexist forever, why not just coexist for a few months until birth. There are plenty of adoptive parents – most of whom don’t sport “COEXIST” bumper stickers – who would be willing to coexist with your child in a loving and supportive household. We can’t kill 22% of our children and then teach the remaining 78% that killing is wrong. War on the unborn is not the answer!

Just do me favor, liberal drivers. Go get a razor blade and take off all those stupid liberal bumper stickers. But please be careful not to cut yourself in the process. A razor blade is not a medical instrument. And stop questioning my authority to call you out on your sanctimonious hypocrisy.

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