Ten Questions Jay Leno Could Have Asked Barack Obama

Written by Teri O'Brien on August 7, 2013

4. Last May, when we learned that the IRS has been bullying American citizens trying to exercise their First Amendment rights, you said that the misconduct uncovered was “inexcusable.” What has your administration done to express your displeasure with the officials involved?

5. Has anyone been fired as a result of the IRS misconduct?

6. Is IRS senior official Lois Lerner, the one who headed the division that engaged in that unacceptable misconduct, going to stay on paid leave indefinitely?

7. Speaking of the IRS, recently the acting chief of the IRS, Daniel Werful, told a House committee that he would prefer to keep his current health care plan rather than switch to one from the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Since the IRS is the agency charged with enforcing Obamacare, how do you explain the fact that officials in that agency think Obamacare is good enough for others but not for Mr. Werfel and other IRS employees?

8. Recently, your administration delayed the Obamacare employer mandate for one year. How can you decide to enforce only certain parts of duly-enacted legislation, which you have signed?

9. Some have suggested that this delay is designed to prevent Obamacare from having the effect in the 2014 mid-term election that it had in 2010; that is, destroying any hope of Democrat victories in most Congressional districts. Is that true?

10. Like you, your Attorney General, Eric Holder, is historic. He is the first AG to be held in contempt of Congress for stonewalling requests about his changing stories about his disastrous “Fast and Furious” scheme. Do you agree with Mr. Holder’s withholding information from Congress? Have you expressed an opinion to him about whether or not he should cooperate? If so, what did you tell him? If not, why haven’t you spoken to him about it?

I’m under no illusions about having these questions answered, but I can dream, can’t I?

Image: President Barack Obama with Jay Leno off set of The Tonight Show, 3/19/09; source: originally posted to Flickr as P031909PS-0533 The Official White House Photostream; author: White House (Pete Souza); public domain

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