Written by John Kirkwood on August 1, 2013

The establishment of this party is authoring its demise. You talk about Pelosi and Reid and Schumer and all these other Democrats — Bob Menendez, the Democrat senator from New Jersey — all warning us that if we don’t do this on immigration, we’re never gonna win the White House. As though they are interested in us winning the White House?  I mean, the idea that the Democrats are advising us to do things to help us, which means that they would lose? I just don’t buy it. I’m sorry.  I don’t think the Democrats ever want us to win the White House ever again.

– Rush Limbaugh, July 1, 2013

And of course, RUSH IS RIGHT! If you aren’t thoroughly frustrated with the Republican leadership and the fact that freedom lovers don’t have a legitimate opposition party at the most crucial time in American history, then you don’t bleed red, white and blue. The party that isn’t a “Party” is the sole voice of opposition; but it would be nice if some of our elected representatives started listening to the tea-party and not the “consultants” at the cocktail party. “Put that Cosmo down! You call yourself a Republican, you son of a b*tch?”

The voice of freedom in America resounds from pundits like Limbaugh and Levin and from former politicians like Sarah Palin and Colonel Allen West. Websites like ClashDaily and Townhall act as a modern day Federalist Papers.

The few true Republicans in the senate, like Ted Cruz and “Grand” Paul, are constantly ridiculed by the party establishment and those patriots that reside in the house are barely noticeable – frozen out by a complicit press corps. We few, we happy few! The leadership of the party seems to be mesmerized by the siren call of perpetual losers who themselves are sleeping with the enemy.

A caller to Rush’s show on Wednesday really impressed the Dr. of Democracy with his clear analysis of our sorry predicament.

RUSH: Here’s Brad in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Mega dittos, Mr. Limbaugh.  A pleasure to speak to you.  I told your call screener there that I am an attorney. I teach law. I’m a former public official and a Republican, and I advise my clients and my students, “You can’t take legal advice from the people across the table.  They’re going to give advice, obviously, that is in favor of their position.”

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER:  That sounds so obvious, why even say that, right?  Well, it’s not.  A lot of people don’t seem to get it, and a lot of politicians don’t seem to get that.  Why is it that Republicans are always apologizing because of your … what the Democrats are saying?

Rush went on to explain the mind boggling truth, that Republicans act that way out of fear. Fear that the “Independents” will abandon them if they act the part of men and actually confront the enemy –

The Republicans actually now target their campaigns for 20% of the electorate, and who are they, the 20%?  They’re said to be non-ideological, ‘So don’t approach them with fire and brimstone’, and then the trick was completed when the media and the Democrats spread the notion that the independents don’t like ‘partisanship.’ ” 

Vladimir Lenin reportedly quipped to one of his confidants, “We will hang the capitalists with the rope that they sell us!” The quote may be apocryphal but it rings true, nevertheless. Is it too much to ask that our Republican representatives start planning, acting and speaking more like statesmen that our founders would admire and less like “useful idiots” that our foes desire?

So out of frustration, I queried some friends on how one can accurately illustrate the suicidal tendencies of a once Grand Old Party – the results follow. And if we left anything out, chime in with your wit and wisdom in the comments section below.

Asking liberal Democrats to detail “What’s wrong with the Republican Party?” and “How do we make it right?” is like asking:

Lucy to hold the football!
Wolverine for a massage!
Sweeney Todd for a haircut!

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John Kirkwood
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