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Ben Carson On Obamacare: Urges Congress To Remember The Lessons Of The Alamo

By Ben Carson

Today, the freedom of Americans to control their own health care needs is  being threatened by massive governmental interference. Those attempting to  fundamentally change America are attempting to take control of the most  important thing any of us possesses: our health.

It often comes at a heavy cost, but freedom is worth fighting for. In 1836,  the brave defenders of the Alamo went down to defeat by Mexican Gen.  Santa Anna and his army, which was 10 times greater in number than the  defenders under the command of Lt. Col.  William Barret Travis. Not all of the 200 defenders were Texans. Many of the  civilian defenders, including some Mexicans, were more loyal to Davy  Crockett and Jim Bowie, who fell ill prior  to the battle.

The defenders who had captured San Antonio just months earlier had retreated  to the well-fortified Alamo and had sent for reinforcements, fully expecting to  be able to hold on until help arrived. There was tension between the troops of  Travis and the followers of Bowie, but once they realized that they faced a  greater enemy, they presented a united front of legendary fortitude.

However, Col. James Fannin, who was just  90 miles away in Goliad, concluded that the cause was hopeless and refused the  request for help. The brave men who died fighting for freedom at the Alamo  thought that help was on the way, just like the brave men who died defending the  U.S. compound in Benghazi. The Alamo was lost on March 6, 1836, but its  defenders killed 600 of Santa Anna’s men  before they died. The stand taken by those patriots inspired many others to join  the war. Victory was eventually won, in no small part a result of the spirit and  courage of those who refused to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds.

Leaders of the Obama administration and  the United States Senate have tried  to convince the defenders of individual freedom in America that their fight is  futile and that it is impossible for them to win. Those opposing the government  takeover of the health care system have varying opinions about whether it is  better to fight now or to wait for a more opportune time.

Members of Congress who largely oppose Obamacare but are unwilling to join  their compatriots in the battle to defund this ill-conceived and economically  detrimental law must remember the lesson from the Alamo: Defeat can unleash the  power of righteous indignation. Even if the battle is lost, the courageous act  of presenting a united front in defense of the U.S. Constitution and individual  rights will inspire tens of millions of Americans who feel disenfranchised to  join the cause. Today’s struggle will lead to ultimate victory starting in 2014  and ending in 2016 with the restoration of a nation that is for, of and by the  people and not for, of and by the government.

Those representatives and senators who insist on pushing through Obamacare  against the will of the people should be clearly identified so they can be  appropriately dealt with by their constituents

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