Bertha Be Hatin’ On Whites: Pushes Blacks To Support Immigration To Make White People Fear

Published on September 21, 2013

ACORN’s former CEO Bertha  Lewis urged Africans-Americans to support increased immigration as a strategy to  gain political power.

“We got some Latino cousins, we got some Asian cousins, we got some  Native-American cousins, we got all kind of cousins,” said Lewis, who spoke  Thursday at the annual political conference of the  Congressional Black Caucus.

“Cousins need to get together because if we’re going to be [part of the  non-white] majority, it makes sense for black people in this country to get down  with immigration reform,”  said Lewis, whose ACORN group was formally disbanded in 2010 after a series of  scandals.

Lewis did not mention solidarity with whites in her appeal for power.

“Everyone, even all white folks in this country, acknowledge that in a  minute, [the] United States of America will be a new majority, will be majority  minority, a brand-new thing,” she said.

In 2012, “for the first time ever in history, African-Americans outvoted  white Americans. Oooh. That’s the fear of the white man. That could change  everything. That’s why [immigration] should matter to us,” she declared.

Lewis got only modest applause from the room of 300 attendees, nearly all of  whom were black.

But her appeal for non-white solidarity was backed up by New York Democratic Rep. Yvette  Clarke.

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