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WHAT A CLOD: “Reality Star” Jon Gosselin is now waiting tables to make ends meet after losing millions in his divorce

He used to live in a $1.3million home while starring on his own reality TV show, pulling in over 10million viewers a week.

But now Jon Gosselin lives by himself in a cabin in the woods with no internet or television as he works shifts at a local restaurant.

The former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star recently revealed that he’s had trouble finding work following his cheating scandal and expensive divorce from his ex wife Kate Gosselin.

The 36-year-old father of eight children told Entertainment Tonight that while he is not currently struggling to make ends meet he has ‘hit rock bottom like 20 times.’

In the candid interview, the former TLC reality star said that it has been nearly ‘impossible’ to find a place in the workforce.

After losing his job as the director of sales and promotions for Gameface International he went on to become a construction laborer for a Pennsylvania company specializing in solar panel installation.

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