DEATH THREAT: Actor Orlando Jones to Liberals: ‘Kill Sarah Palin’

Published on September 27, 2013

* From 2011 ICYMI. We did. Not a big outcry against Jones tweeting that someone kill Sarah. Check it out …

MADtv star Orlando Jones celebrated the death of Moammar Ghaddafi by sending a tweet calling for liberals to kill Sarah Palin.

“Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin(:,” he wrote.

Although the former Alaska Governor did not respond, Entertainment Weekly reports that her supporters did:

An account called Tennessee4Palin (@TN4P) wrote, “Why does @TheOrlandoJones think it’s funny to call for Sarah Palin to be murdered? #palin #liberaltolerance”, to which Jones responded, “No I don’t. I think it’s funny that you are so upset about my inane tweet.”

When another user tweeted at Jones, “You are obviously a big fat moron. How about someone talked about killing your mother or sister. Is that Funny-ha, ha?”, the actor/comedian wrote back, “Yay! Name calling. I’m a moron that’s working on the big and fat part. Maybe you could buy me food & complete the trifecta(:” (Jones’ reps did not respond immediately to EW’s request for comment.)

“Did Orlando Jones go too far with his tweet about Sarah Palin?” Ali Semigran asked.

The answer is yes.

It’s one thing to disagree with a politician – it’s another to call for that politician to be murdered.

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