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DEFIANCE: Patriots Need a Double Dose of the Rebel Spirit

I was told as a young squab growing up in west Texas that life is about compromises—finding a happy medium between two parties in any given situation so that neither party feels like it’s being deep fried in bacon fat.

After 22 years of marriage I have found that concept advantageous. For instance, when I’m required to watch a chick flick, my wife insists on Sandra Bullock’s movies, yet I like Pamela Anderson’s … um … movies. So, in the spirit of fairness, we settle on Kate Hudson films. For mood music mi esposa digs Andrea Bocelli. I, on the other hand, likey Godsmack. To keep the peace we settle for spinning a bootleg copy of Honey Boo-Boo speed yodeling at Alabama’s state fair.

Here’s the point behind these two sad examples of how tedious my life truly is: Although neither my wife nor I are completely giddy when we’ve reached a compromise, we’re not so ticked off at each other that we stop having sex. That said, I have warned her that if she keeps pushing Bullock’s stuff that I will cut her off, to which she just yawned, said something under her breath and then went jogging.

Compromises are cool when they involve music and movie choices, but not when it comes to America-crippling political policies, duh.

Yep, the civility maxim, which has assisted the human collective from the beginning of time in making parts of our lives happy-clappy does not extend to evil politicians’ political rot when it’s shoved up our tailpipe. Oh no, Spanky. On the contrary, that’s when you strip off your COEXIST bumper sticker.

What you must understand, kind soul, is that when Obama and his boys hand out an artificial olive branch and request that we conservatives meet them in the “middle,” the “middle” that they bid thee toward is the big fat center of their eurosocialist, freedom-strangling, debt-addled, national security deficient, secularist crap pie.

Essentially, with the lunatics on the left, “compromise” equates for the God- and Constitution-loving traditionalist an abandonment of the founding principles which have formed the USA into, well … the US-of frickin’-A! And with these founding principles we should not bend one wee little bit.

Check it out: When we behold a long train of governmental abuses and usurpations that attempt to reduce us to serfdom, it becomes our right—our duty—to throw off such government and provide new guards for our future security. At least that’s how I read the Declaration of Independence.

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of (290M+ page views). Giles is also the author of the NEW book, The Wildman Devotional: A 50 Day Devotional For Men. Follow Doug on Instagram and Truth Social at @thegilesway and on Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.