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Doctor’s Prognosis: ObamaCare Will Enslave American Middle Class

Americans will be able to begin enrolling in ObamaCare’s insurance exchanges next week.  Not everyone, however, since the exchanges in D.C., Colorado and Oregon still haven’t been perfected.

Computer problems are just one of the many infrastructure problems plaguing ObamaCare implementation.  In fact, there have been 14 legislative tweaks to ObamaCare already as well as five known and little-publicized administrative changes doing really big things to the new entitlement such as delay the employer mandate.

Project 21 member Dr. Elaina George warns that ObamaCare is doomed to failure — possibly by design.  The end result, she predicts, will be higher costs and lower quality for those who can least afford it and a destruction of the once-sacred doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. George — an award-winning, board-certified and practicing otolaryngologist — said:

From the beginning, proponents of the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — conflated the argument that rising costs of health care stemmed from people without health insurance.

These same people ignore the fact that most Americans already had some sort of health insurance.  They also failed to admit rising health care costs have been ignited by industry players such as medical insurers and Big Pharma — both of whom were integral in crafting ObamaCare.

Starting October 1, people will learn what doctors and patients have known all along — that having health insurance does not equal receiving quality, affordable health care.

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