EPIC PRAIRIE DOG SNIPING VIDEO: Check Out This New Video Footage of High Velocity Pest Control

Published on September 23, 2013


Join Team Black Bore as they venture to the badlands of South Dakota to prepare for and battle the oncoming prairie dog apocalypse!
In one of the most densely populated prairie dog areas in the United States, Mark and his fellow prairie dog merc’s must utilize multiple calibers in a mix of bolt guns as well as modern assault weaponry with suppressors to battle these varmints on Emergence Day!

See the prairie dog apocalypse in the scenic badlands on emergence day!!!

The second Black Bore installment takes us to the badlands of South Dakota. With its apocalyptic styling this video gives a fun and gruesome vibe to shooting prairie dogs in an attempt to reduce their rapidly declining population.

Also, new to the Big Bore/Black Bore collection, we are offering this video in Blu-ray as well as DVD!!! Witness the deadly effects of 10 different rifle calibers in full, crisp and stunning HD! By the end of this video you will be ready to load up with all of your prairie dog merc’ing gear and head to the badlands!!!

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WARNING: This video contains graphic slow motion kill shots!