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EVOLUTION’S HOLDOVER: Remote Controller Helicopter Pilot Decapitates Himself with His Helicopter

A 19-year-old New York City man has died after partially-decapitating himself with his own remote-controlled helicopter.

Roman Pirozek Jr, was pulling a stunt with the chopper at a Brooklyn park Thursday afternoon when he lost control and the RC device flew into his head. The blades sliced off a piece of his skull and slashed his throat.

Pirozek was an avid model helicopter enthusiast, who was vice-president of a local hobby club. He posted several videos of himself flying helicopters on YouTube.

One clip shows him putting his Trex 700 helicopter through incredible tricks. The video culminates with him dropping the $1,500 model from the sky, only to restart the rotor when it is just inches from his head. 
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