EXECUTE: Man claimed his 6yr. old cousin seduced him before he raped and killed her’

Published on September 20, 2013

A man suspected of murdering his six-year-old step-cousin has claimed that she seduced him before he raped her and stabbed her to death, police have said.

Matthew Flugence, 20, allegedly told a detective that little Ahlittia North put a blanket on the ground behind an apartment block in Harvey, Louisiana before telling him she wanted to have sex.

‘In his words, the little girl, she wanted to have sex with him,’ Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Detective Travis Eserman during a preliminary examination, the Times-Picayunereported.

Flugence allegedly admitted to having sex with the girl on July 14 before stabbing her four times – in the abdomen and the neck – and then watching her fall back to the blanket, Eserman said.

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