It’s Finally Here: GOP’s Plan To Replace ObamaCare

Published on September 19, 2013

A group of House conservatives introduced legislation Wednesday that members  say will replace ObamaCare and its “unworkable” taxes and mandates with a plan  that expands tax breaks for Americans who buy their own insurance.

Under the  proposal endorsed by the 175-member Republican Study Committee, Americans  who purchase coverage through state-run exchanges can claim a $7,500 deduction  against their income and payroll taxes, regardless of the cost of the insurance.  Families could deduct $20,000.

The plan — which appears to be congressional Republicans’ first  comprehensive alternative to President Obama’s health care overhaul  —  also increases government funding for high-risk pools. The plan serves as a  rebuttal to Obama’s claims that Republicans just want to eliminate the health  law and are no longer interested in replacing it. And it comes as House  Republicans, on a different track, prepare to vote on a budget bill that would  also de-fund the existing health care law. Democrats have vowed to oppose that  bill, warning the strategy risks a government shutdown, with funding set to  expire by Oct. 1.

Roughly 75 percent of rank-and-file House Republicans are on the study  committee, and the new legislation is being formally presented at a time when  leaders of the GOP-led chamber have yet to advance any comprehensive alternative  to ObamaCare.

Lawmakers have voted more than 40 times on repealing part or all of the 2010  law, despite Republicans vowing over the past three years to “repeal and  replace” the existing law.

“We can lower health care costs and fix real problems without a  government-run system that puts unelected Washington bureaucrats between you and  your doctor,” said Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, the committee  chairman.

Scalise also said the group wants an alternative that lowers health care  costs and increases access and is going to push for a full House vote, which  would call for a full repeal of ObamaCare that Republicans have opposed from the  start.

House Speaker John Boehner said on Wednesday that chamber Republicans will  pass a budget bill this week that withholds funding for ObamaCare.

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