IT GOT WORSE: Miley Tweets Pic of Her Twerking with a Monkey on Her Back

Published on September 24, 2013

She’s been on the rampage recently as she continues to shed her young Disney star image following the ever so controversial performance at the VMAs earlier this month.

And it seems Miley Cyrus isn’t quite done just yet as she continues to raise eyebrows with her behaviour and image.

The singer spent her Tuesday morning sharing numerous photos on her Twitter page showing her in various states of undress.

Courting controversy: Miley Cyrus shares yet more raunchy images of herself on her Twitter page, this time ‘twerking’ wit ha fancy dress monkey on her back

The 20-year-old even shared a picture of herself ‘twerking’ with a monkey on a back that was dressed in a cowboy outfit.

She revealed the picture as she announced she would be launching her very own tumblr – partly as a reward for her fans for getting her to 14 million followers on the social networking site.

Miley wrote next to the picture: ‘Imma make a Tumblr. Just to post more pixxxx like this. #vegas @vij_photo #twerkinwithadayummonkeyonmyback.’

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