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Gov. Perry: Democrats “Can’t Get Their Way At The Polls” So They File Lawsuits

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday accused  Democrats in his state of punishing Republican opponents by misusing prosecution  power and the courts because Democrats “can’t get what they want at the  polls.”

In an interview with The Washington Times, Mr.  Perry hailed a court ruling Thursday that threw out the felony conviction of  former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, putting  an end to the eight-year legal travail for the congressman from Texas on charges  of laundering illegal political contributions.

Mr. DeLay left Congress in 2006, and his ordeal cost him dearly in  legal expenses that apparently will keep mounting thanks to the appeal of the  latest decision.

The appeals court ruled that there was  insufficient evidence to uphold the conviction, but Mr. DeLay’s travails aren’t over. The Travis  County District Attorney’s Office is appealing the 3rd Circuit Court  of Appeals‘ 2-1 ruling to the Texas  Court of Criminal Appeals.

Mr. DeLay, also in Washington on Thursday on  separate business, said that what the prosecution claimed he had done would be  perfectly legal under current campaign finance laws.

“I’m not saying it was easy to go through,” he told reporters. “On the other  hand, if you read the ruling [it says] this is an outrageous criminalization of  politics.  In the ruling, they say I should have never even been charged, much  less indicted.”

As the number of cases of prosecutor misconduct have mounted, law schools,  criminal defense attorneys and libertarians have called for prosecution review  boards.

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