Insanity! Sex Offenders Released Among Us

Written by Angel Rodriguez on September 20, 2013

Can someone, please explain to me how an American Supreme Court judge can order the release of approximately 3,000 known sex offenders into the general populace? Why are these criminals, who were supposed to be deported, being absorbed into the American mainstream society? In this day and age, how is it possible that this has happened? We all know of many “unregistered democrats” that have been deported for entering the country illegally. Yet, many of the people that have been deported are honest, hard working people; meanwhile this trash gets a free pass to stay in the country! Why exactly you ask? One of the reasons for this is that their own country doesn’t want to take them back! Does this make any sense to you? Their country doesn’t want to take them back, so instead of deporting these rapists we release them back into American society.

Am I wrong here or is this absolute madness?

These Supreme court judges must be mad, absolute buffoons! Their priorities are insane and dangerously out of balance. Please understand that this post isn’t about the immigration debate, this post is about an activity that unquestionably puts Americans in danger. This is about the insanity going on in the Supreme Court! I honestly don’t understand this, how can we stand idly in a nation that allows our leaders to release criminals back into the main population? These people broke the law by entering the country illegally, and if that wasn’t bad enough, once here they committed sex crimes. Their crimes range from rape to child molestation. I don’t know if these people served their time in prison, or if this Supreme Court decision releases them earlier. It sounds to me that if they were meant to be deported and were not deported that they had to be released. I haven’t found supporting documentation either way.

Even if they did serve the proper jail time for their crimes, this still doesn’t make any sense to me. Is it not the job of our leaders to protect our interests? Regardless of your political views, is it not in the best interest of the American people to get rid of sex offenders that don’t even belong in this country? Don’t we have enough problems with American sex offenders already? Why take on those that another country doesn’t even want back? Why is it even an option to take them back? How does this become our problem? Syria? I think we should be worried about our own back yard and not someone else’s.

I believe that, in this country, we are far too forgiving of sexual offenders. There are groups out there that even sympathize with these people. Apparently it’s not even politically correct to call a child molester a pedophile or a child molester, now you have to use the term “minor-attracted people”. Well I’ll be damned the day that I refer to a child molester as a “minor-attracted people”. A pedophile is a pedophile; a rapist is a rapist; a sex offender is a sex offender! Frankly I don’t care if I offend you!

I don’t care about politics; I don’t care about politically correct terms, I care about the safety of our women, our children and a safe, civilized society. The fact that we live in a time where supreme court justices would free sex offenders because their country will not take them back is absolutely sickening to me. These dinosaurs never leave the job; they bring their ridiculous political views, their antiquated logic, and society as whole suffers because of these buffoons. Now what are we to do? How do we get these people out of power? Honestly, I feel helpless and with no options. It’s like we have absolutely no choice but to deal with this.

I wonder if these idiot judges realize that regardless of their political affiliations, regardless of their political views, regardless of the party they support; a sexual offender does not ask what party you support before they rape your daughter or son! Everyone in the U.S, the entire country, all of us suffer because of these idiot judges.

I have very strong views when it comes to sex offenders. I have zero tolerance for someone that violates a child, I have zero tolerance for someone who violates a woman, I have zero tolerance for anyone who violates someone weaker than themselves. I find this entire scenario sickening; it is exhausting to me, and I simply just don’t know what we can do. For the time being, keep an eye out and keep your family safe, my friends. Obviously the government is not going to do so.

Image: Jossejonathan; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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