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Krauthammer’s Scathing Rebuke: The Fruits Of Epic Incompetence

By: Charles Krauthammer (The Washington Post)

The president of the United States takes to the airwaves to urgently persuade  the nation to pause before doing something it has no desire to do in the first  place.

Strange. And it gets stranger still. That “strike Syria, maybe” speech begins  with a heart-rending account of children consigned to a terrible death by a  monster dropping poison gas. It proceeds to explain why such behavior must be  punished. It culminates with the argument that the proper response — the most  effective way to uphold fundamental norms, indeed human decency — is a flea  bite: something “limited,” “targeted” or, as so memorably described by Secretary  of State John Kerry, “unbelievably small.”

The mind reels, but there’s more. We must respond — but not yet. This “Munich  moment” (Kerry again) demands first a pause to find accommodation with that very  same toxin-wielding monster, by way of negotiations with his equally cynical,  often shirtless, Kremlin patron bearing promises.

The promise is to rid Syria of its chemical weapons. The negotiations are  open-ended. Not a word from President Obama about any deadline or ultimatum. And  utter passivity: Kerry said hours earlier that he awaited the Russian  proposal.

Why? The administration claims (preposterously, but no matter) that Obama has  been working on this idea with Putin at previous meetings. Moreover, the idea  was first publicly enunciated by Kerry, even though his own State Department  immediately walked it back as a slip of the tongue.

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