Making A Fool Out of Obama: Iran Hacked A Navy Site While Negotiations Take Place

Iran has reportedly stepped up cyberattacks on the U.S. military. The news  comes at a time when President  Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani  communicated by phone call  Friday for  the first time since the Carter administration.

Cyberintrusions  aimed at an unclassified  computer network  belonging to the U.S. Navy  began the week of Sept. 15, just before a planned  upgrade, The Wall  Street Journal reported.

Iran is very active,” said James Lewis,  a former State Department   official  and cybersecurity specialist at  the Center for Strategic and   International Studies, to The  Wall Street  Journal. “They’re better than we thought.”

Officials told The  Wall Street Journal that Iran’s latest cyberattacks,  which have  typically been aimed at the private sector, came as a surprise

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