MAN STUFF: Original Art by Doug Giles – “Africa’s Black Death”

Aside from running, Clash Church and writing books,’s CEO Doug Giles is also an artist.  Here’s what Giles says about his obsession with painting African animals …

“I love Africa. I’ve been to “the cradle” many times, and every time I go I get my spirit fed from the primal funk that is still a part of her
green hills. I especially enjoy the unnerving vibe the big five—the elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo—put forth. These animals have
a poise and power about them that’s intense. 

Do yourself a favor: fly to Africa and get within 30 yards of one of these critters. It’ll leave memory burn. You might want to bring a change of underwear.

Believing, as I do, that art directly impacts our approach to life, I paint these grand beasts with great regularity hoping that their repose, strength and utter confidence will rub off on my viewers who are stressed out, insipid and fearful.”

To purchase a giclee print of this painting click here.


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