Million Muslim March: One Groups Odd Way to Commemorate September 11

Written by Steve Bowers on September 1, 2013

September 11 comes around again to remind us of people jumping a hundred stories in hopes of surviving the flames. 3,000 Americans were facing a new and faceless horror that morning. They could not have had any idea what the rest of America was going to see for the next few decades.  Maybe longer.

So what better way to observe the memory of the terror than a million Muslims marching on D.C. to celebrate that Dark anniversary. To my mind they can have D.C. But, I guess I better “man-up” even if few in Washington do (or can). 

I am watching the Cards against the Reds … and a commercial for Al Jazeera just came on between innings.  America is very different from when I watched the Cards when I was a kid. Theodore Cleaver would just stare dumbfounded.  At least I think Al Gore made some money off that Al Jazeera deal. So not everyone loses.

Isn’t this MMMarch thing a bit like a bunch of illegal aliens marching on the Alamo? But that probably happens regularly. And it’s a bad analogy. Even the most rabid La Raza fanatics do not claim to have a directive from some spiritual authority to cut off heads of people you don’t like.  No La Raza creep has some holy book justifying his worst crimes. Of course, Texas is much different than D.C.  I think my Hispanic pals call it “cajones”.  Almost unheard of in D.C.  And just you try to cut off someone’s head in Texas!

The “cajones” thing is crude, I know, but simply using the word is not as bad as having none in most of our leaders.

I have no idea about how things will go when a million Muslims show up at the same time as two million bikers. But be certain the following is already scripted. If the Muslims only get a few thousand to appear that day in D.C., you will not see any helicopter shots of the “crowd” from above. The cameras will be placed at curb level and the commentators will only comment on how vast the crowd is and how “it’s impossible to number the Muslims attending.” The big media jerks will also try to blend the bikers and Muslims in any overhead shots or estimates of attendees.

Most interesting of all will, however, not be the headcount. The most interesting thing for me will be the politicians walking arm in arm in the front row of the million Muslims.  That’s where the cameras are. Solidarity, you know. Mustn’t offend. Oh my gracious, “no!”

I urge you to remember who those politicians are, because they are the ones who refuse to call Terror by its awful name. They are the ones who have armed the murderers in Libya. And they are the ones who have condemned the use of poison gas by Assad, when now it appears poisonous gas was used by the rebels (against civilians), not by Assad’s flunkies. That’s right. The “good guys” our president has backed all along in Syria have turned out to be just as bad as the “bad guys.”  (Reports about rebels using gas have not been completely confirmed, but you can be sure the Administration will “pooh, pooh” the use of gas if it turns out to be true. After all, “What does it matter?!?”)

Our president just can’t pick the winners/good guys. Not in Egypt. Not in Libya. Not in Syria.  This should not be surprising because he has had a very difficult time discerning the good guys even when our troops were/are engaged fighting true bad guys. He’s made remarks (to college kids, so he can get away with it) indicating he didn’t know who the good guys were during the American Revolution. I’m not making this up (I don’t think).

A further and lighter note about the Cards. The main reason they are so good is their catcher, Molina, can direct the field traffic better than anybody. And I think he has the best batting average in MLB. A great fellow by all reports, but either he or his ancestors weren’t born here. And who cares? He’s productive and not sucking up free schooling, medical care and other benefits. No. He’s puttin’ it over the fence regularly. Big difference.

One evening I was watching the Yanks playing and a new kid was playing in Jeeter’s spot at shortstop. He was really good and could hit. But when I informed my wife he was from Cuba and that his parents had gotten out of the Worker’s Paradise (a formerly beautiful getaway spot, which Castro has turned into a fourth world Hell-Hole) and were watching him play live for the first time ever, she replied thus, “So he’s taken a job that some American kids should rightly have?”  She’s always thinking. It’s frightening.

I thought she was kidding. But, no. She was deadly serious. I tried to explain how Major League Baseball is the purest meritocracy on Earth. Every player is a pen stroke away from a big raise or a bus ride back to Triple A ball or … home. It is the absolute antithesis to … oh, I don’t know … say … a bureaucrat at the Department of Education (where there are no teachers teaching, no classrooms and no students, but every employee  pulls down a fat salary and a huge pension … and produces nothing).  I tried to explain how if there was an American kid anywhere who was better than Ramirez (I think that was his name), the American would be playing, and hoping Deeter never gets well, and the skinny Cuban kid would be helping out with the sugar cane harvest in sunny Cuba. (Do they still grow sugar cane in Cuba … or has that industry gone bust, too?)
But Beautiful Wifey wasn’t buyin’ it! (Maybe she’s still flummoxed because her son could throw 90 mph fastballs in Little League and chose to follow different endeavors (girls according to him) instead of “boring baseball.”)
She’s hardcore and patriotic. And angry.

And her son? Well … his decision was everybody’s loss.

Remember to watch the front line of the Million Muslim March. 

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.