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Obscenity! No Stroller March for One-Year-Old Murder Victim Antiq Hennis

In Brooklyn, New York, this past Labor Day weekend, a one-year-old baby, Antiq Hennis, was shot while being pushed in a stroller by his father. The bullet pierced the baby’s skull and, according to an eyewitness, “there was blood all over the stroller.” The police believe that those bullets were intended for the child’s father who has an extensive, rap sheet across two states; including weapons possession, controlled substances, automobile theft, and assault. Seemingly, the sins of the father have visited his offspring. In the hood, this isn’t unique; collateral damage is as common as saggin’ pants.

This tragedy occurred in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, where crime levels are routinely amongst the highest in the city, as are “Stop and Frisk” incidents. While the armed criminals continue to ignore NYC’s gun ban, Brownsville’s Black residents illogically raise more concerns about the Stop and Frisk occurrences than the non-stop urban terrorism that necessitated the program.

Last year, in response to the Black community’s outcry over Stop and Frisk, Mayor Bloomberg addressed the residents’ concern from a place that White politicians only visit during election time … the Black church. Speaking from the pulpit of the First Baptist Full Gospel Church of Brownsville, he admirably did not switch to a preacher-like cadence in an attempt to cater to the audience (as Obama often does). Instead, he defended Stop and Frisk and detailed how it saves lives. He emphasized, “We are not going to walk away from a strategy that we know saves lives.” Many Black communities urgently need aggressive initiatives that are proactive and not reactive such as Stop and Frisk. Although it was recently ruled unconstitutional, desperate times still call for desperate measures.

This baby’s murder is another heartbreaking scenario that should prompt a “state of emergency” response from the Black community, but predictably will not. The outrage will be temporary and simply manifest via stuffed-animal memorials, R.I.P tee-shirts, and maybe a candlelight vigil. Additionally, a community activist may even provide some self-serving lip service for the cameras, “This violence has to stop … We are tired of this … Something has to be done … etc.” At the end of the day, there will be no stroller march for this innocent toddler, unless it’s discovered that a George Zimmerman-type was involved.

The attached image shows the extent of the collective outrage for one-yr-old Antiq Hennis

In Black neighborhoods across the country, daily acts of urban terrorism have become an accepted way of life and, thus, do not warrant long-term communal anger. The apologists for the criminal behavior are even more bizarre. They often claim that urban terrorists are suffering from P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder). How can that be? Even ex-slaves such as Frederick Douglass didn’t suffer from that pseudo-diagnosis.

The Black community is on fire and the liberal overlords (posing as firemen) always arrive to a hero’s welcome … even though they’re strapped with gasoline-filled canisters instead of water hoses.

Image: Makeshift memorial for one-year-old murder victim Antiq Hennis

Taleeb Starkes

Taleeb Starkes is the author of a controversial book that confronts the subculture within the BLACK community titled, “THE UN-CIVIL WAR: BLACKS vs NI**ERS.” Find Taleeb on Twitter.

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