Pedophile Grooms and Islam: Like A Hand In A Perp’s Glove

Written by Audrey Russo on September 11, 2013

When you look into the ideology of Islam (no, I didn’t make a mistake … it’s an ideology, cloaked in a religion) … the more you peruse, the more you cringe. From its barbaric treatment of unbelievers, to its herdsman-like conduct toward woman and children – the global followers of Muhammed leave a path of hatred, bloodshed and destruction wherever they throw down their prayer rug.

But none so despicable as their pattern of pedophilia…

A recent news story out of Yemen made me both ill and furious. According to the, a Yemeni child bride, 8 yrs old, died of internal injuries on the first night of forced marriage relations to a groom five times her age. In essence, a 40 yr old man RAPED an 8 yr old little girl. Child brides are a common practice in Yemen … under Sharia Islamic Law.

Child sex-abuse, although not limited to the Muslim world … is all too prevalent due to the example set for Muslim men. It’s one well grounded in their creed. Their founder, Muhammed, left them a pattern to follow in the Quran and Hadiths (traditions of Muhammed), that makes child marriage and/or child sexual abuse … Okee Dokee for the Muslim man.

According to Exports/Scholars at, Islam allows female children to be married and engaged in sex prior to their first menses (prepubescent):

Quran 65:4: “If you are in doubt concerning those of your wives who have ceased menstruating, know that their waiting period shall be three months. The same shall apply to those who have not menstruated. As for pregnant women, their term shall end with their confinement. God will ease the hardship of the man who fears him.”

Since Muslim men are to wait three months before divorcing a prepubescent child it means that they have been engaging in sex with those children.

Now for Muhammed’s own child bride:

In Hadith of Bukhari, volume 5, #234:

Narrated Aisha: The prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six. We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Harith Kharzraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down. Later on my hair grew (again) and my mother, Um Ruman, came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became all right, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. There in the house I saw some Ansari women who said, “Best wishes and Allah’s blessing and a good luck.” Then she entrusted me to them and they prepared me (for the marriage). Unexpectedly Allah’s messenger came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.

Hadith of Bukhari, vol. 7, #65: “Narrated Aisha that the prophet wrote the marriage contract with her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: “I have been informed that Aisha remained with the prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).””

Hadith of Muslim, volume 2, #3309: “Aisha reported: Allah’s Messenger married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine…”

This is from Islamic texts and scholars. Muhammed’s example was that Muslim men could marry (and have sexual relations with) little, prepubescent girls. For the civilized world, that’s pedophilia.

That example has been practiced till the present (with no end in sight). Islamic countries, as well as Islamic- majority countries, allow men to marry girls under the age of 15 … whether legal or illegal. There are six Muslim or Muslim-majority countries in which child marriage is legal: Nigeria (practiced in Muslim-Majority areas), Saudi Arabia, Niger, Yemen, Sudan ( Muslim-majority areas) and Turkey (whose Islamist government reduced the minimum marriage age to 12 in 2009).

But, there are Muslim-majority countries where underage marriage may be illegal, but is practiced unchallenged by the government … in particular, Afghanistan. This was revealed by a 2011 Time Magazine (Jan. 3, 2011) article about Afghan wives that had been jailed for fleeing violent husbands, which pointed out that, “Nationwide, more than half of all girls are married before they turn 15, usually to settle disputes.”

A plethora of reports and stories are available from myriad, reliable sources that unequivocally prove the bizarre fit pedophilia has in Islam’s ideology. And Muhammed’s minions do not end their spouse choices with Muslim children … girls in Western countries, like the UK, have been taken into the wife pool that these fiends are dipping into (i.e. grooming gangs).

Leaders in the West have a choice: Either ignore the cry of the innocent who are being devoured by the perverse lusts of rabid followers of an ancient pedophile? Or heed the hue and cry of their own people, to take a closer look into this ideology, and act for the sake of the innocent.

If they choose the former and ignore the cries of the blameless … may these be last words they hear, before they leave this sod: ALLAHU AKBAR!!

A condign reminder of their worst failure.

Shalom through strength…

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