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PLAGIARISM: Miley Cyrus Ripped Off Wrecking Ball Vid From Appliance Store Commercial

“Miley Cyrus might have stolen the idea for the video” from “an obscure local ad in the Chicago area” that is “suspiciously similar,” said Conan.

The “commercial” featured “Cal Talpin from Talpin Appliance,” a man with short blond hair, “knocking down prices” with a wrecking ball. The salesman swings from a wrecking ball and uses a hammer to smash gray blocks, showing that he “takes a sledgehammer to high interest rates.”

“Why am I dressed” in a white tank top and white briefs? “Because I’m crazy about bargains!” yells the salesman. “We’ve got 10 (puts hands in front of his face in a dramatic close-up) convenient locations.”

And you can guess what happens when he says, “We’re licking the competition.” Wait until you see what the store’s slogan is.

“I think Miley has to answer a lot of questions,” said Conan.

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