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REBELS WITH A CAUSE: 2Mill. Bikers Head to D.C. for 9/11

It has become a 9/11 biker tradition. Hop on the hog and roll toward the nation’s capital, along with a million or two of your biker brothers and sisters. All to commemorate the victims of 9/11.

Well, the bikers are rolling again today – an estimated 2 million of them. And after some flaps over permits, this rolling parade has a clear path in the nation’s capital.

While the bikers now have the go-ahead, expect nothing short of a traffic nightmare in and around D.C. today.”It is not a crime to parade” through the city without a permit, Ted Gest, a spokesman for the D.C. attorney general’s office, told U.S. News. That office prosecutes violations of D.C.

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