SAFARI CIGAR: 5 Ways to Use Your Cigar Bands

Published on September 13, 2013

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Cigar bands, we all have them but what are we do with them once we are done with our cigar? Here are five creative ways to make use of the cigar bands you have collected.

1. Start a cigar journal. Grab a notebook and start gluing or taping your cigar bands in, leaving space to the side for your notes. Not sure what to write down? Then start with what stood out to you in the cigar, the details you know about the cigar such as the wrapper, binder, filler, and vitola. Include a date so you can look back later. As a bonus, include anything you might have had just before or during the smoke such as food or drinks. It plays a role in the experience and is something you can reflect back on.

2. Style your wardrobe. Why not wear your cigar bands? They are like pieces of art after all and they reflect your hobby. You can make bracelets, cufflinks, charms, earrings, or decorations on hats or wallets. Be as creative as you want. This is something you can also hire out to someone with more skill and familiarity of working with cigar bands for a more polished look. The bracelet you see in the video was designed and made by Chancellor Karshens of Totally Stoged. He has an eye for combining the colors of cigar bands together beautifully as well as crafting very unique pieces.

3. Style your home. Incorporate the cigar art of cigar bands into your home. I love my cigar band covered serving tray. It’s not only useful but it is a conversation starter as well. This particular tray is from The Briar Shoppe, a local cigar shop here in Houston. Other ideas for furnishings around the house could be coasters, lamps, clocks, or even poker chips! You can decorate anything and make use of multiple bands in one piece or just a single band from your favorite cigar.


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