SAFARI CIGAR: Amazing Barracuda Fishing Portraits by David Cartee

Written by Doug Giles on September 17, 2013

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David Cartee’s work has taken him across the globe, from Cabo San Lucas to India, in search of provocative, beautiful images.  He is an award-winning, nationally-recognized photographer whose pictures have been featured in several national and international publications, including Sport Fishing magazine.

David was born and raised in Ohio, and has been taking photographs since he was old enough to hold a camera.  He became a professional photographer before he graduated from junior high; then, in high school,  he began  building his  portfolio as a professional wedding photographer.

In 2003, David parlayed his early success into his own photography and videography studio — LCD Photography — dedicated to bringing the style and perspective of top editorial and art photography to the wedding photography field.  Soon, he was shooting weddings all over the world, and LCD was named one of America’s Top 10 Wedding Photography Studios by Rangefinder magazine.

Today, he brings this same fine-art perspective to his fishing and sea life photographs of South Florida and beyond.  He is a avid sport fisherman based in south, Florida.

To hire David or purchase his portraits logon to  Tell him Doug Giles and sent you. Enjoy.

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