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Schooling the Clueless Left: D*mn Straight We’re Angry, Pt 3

In the first two columns in this three-part series, I have responded to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich’s unintentionally hilarious confusion about why so many Americans seem so angry, and why this country seems more divided than ever. I know that hearing this question come from a leftist is like hearing the arsonist who just torched a building, ask “Why is that building on fire?”; but Mr. Reich is more like a sleep-walking arsonist who is awakened by the sirens as he stands in front of the blaze with his gas can empty and no clue what just happened. He is so disconnected from reality that he genuinely doesn’t get it. Last week we provided five very obvious reasons that a large percentage of the American people can barely endure their simmering rage when they think about the state of their country. This week, as promised, here are five more.

The lack of any serious opposition to Barack Obama

We noted the relentless and breathtaking lawlessness of the Obama administration in last week’s column, and it’s not as if there’s any sign that Barack Obama will have an epiphany and say, “Whoa! I’ve been stomping on that Constitution thingey!” No, he will continue whatever he pleases, choosing to waive, postpone or refuse to enforce duly-enacted legislation with no explanation of the source for his authority to do so. Please don’t be fooled by this stunningly ridiculous charade he trotted out over the weekend, stating that he would seek Congressional authorization to intervene in the Syrian civil war. As noted here, like everything else this bunch does, this move has nothing to do with advancing American interests and everything about rescuing Barack Obama from the consequences of his off-the-cuff, off-the-PrompTer and in over his head “red line” remarks in time for the 2014 elections.

For five years, many of us have watched this outrageous lawlessness and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone do anything? Why doesn’t anyone try to stop him?” The sad reality that other than a few brave souls in Congress, it appears that no one has the gumption or backbone to do so. The Republican party, leadership, which is supposed to be the opposition, seems terrified to even criticize Obama, even when he blatantly flouts the law.

The treatment of veterans

While Michelle Obama does numerous photo ops and interviews with sycophantic acolytes on network “news” programs expressing her heartfelt concern for military families, the Obama regime’s Department of Veterans Administration is taking 300-500 days to process veterans disability claims. Of course, notwithstanding that shameful situation, as the Washington Post reported ten days ago, the VA gave its employees millions of dollars in bonuses:

In 2011, a year in which the claims backlog ballooned by 155 percent, more than two-thirds of claims processors shared $5.5 million in bonuses, according to salary data from the Office of Personnel Management.

Angry? Thought so.

The media’s abdication of responsibility

Beginning with their failure to vet candidate Sen. Barack Obama in 2008, the legacy media gave up any pretense of actually trying to discover and report facts about the goings-on in Washington five years ago. No matter how incredible they are, Barack Obama’s statements are accepted without challenge by the stenographers who hang on his every word like tween girls at a One Direction concert. How many of you have screamed follow-up questions at your TVs as the “reporters”, lucky enough to get the rare opportunity to question our Dear Reader, silently beam at him after he has recited a worthless talking point to them?

The complete and utter disrespect for taxpayers

Earlier this year we learned that U.S. Department of Agriculture considers it an important part of its mission to increase the size of the food stamp rolls by recruiting senior citizens and even Mexican citizens to sign up. So, the saps like you and me who are still clinging to the quaint idea that there is dignity and self-respect in working for the food you put on your table not only get to support more and more freeloaders. We get to pay government apparatchiks to find them. This food stamp enrollment mania is only one example of the waste of taxpayer money by a federal government that is completely out of control.

The cynical and endless use of the race card

Barack Obama is the most successful race hustler in American history. But for being a White African-American, he would still be standing on a Chicago street corner with a clipboard and a bullhorn. So naturally, he endlessly suggests, albeit usually by implication rather than out right accusation, that anyone who opposes him or his policies does so because of his race. He uses his black skin privilege as a shield to deflect any serious examination of his policies, especially his desire to “remake” America through wealth redistribution.

I hope that this list of ten very legitimate reason that many American are angry enlightens Mr. Reich, but I’m not optimistic. Like most ivory-tower liberal elitists, he is the worst kind of ignorant; that is, he is a sophisticated, pontificating gasbag, oblivious that we know that most of what he says is at war with common sense, and with no desire to put down his arms.

Image: FLICKR BLOCKED IN THE UAE; Petition to have Flickr unbanned; source: Mad about the Ban; author: Jan Tik from USA; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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