SCREW THE CAT: Man Stopped To Save A Cat On Florida HWY Causes Crash That Kills 75yr. Old Woman

A well-intentioned driver who pulled over his car on Florida’s Turnpike to rescue a cat on the road was critically injured when he was struck by the elderly driver of another car who died because of the crash authorities said today.

Florida High Patrol reported that Michael James Schneider, 35, was on his way through Deerfield Beach when he spotted a cowering cat on the road and pulled over his Toyota Tundra to help the creature at around 5.16 p.m. on Monday when he was hit by 75-year-old Mary Jane S. Alston driving a Honda Accord.

‘He walked into the center lane, was hit by a vehicle,’ said Sgt. Mark Wysocky. ‘That vehicle then veered to the right with the man riding on the hood, ran off the road and hit the man’s pickup truck, hit the guardrail and ejected the man off the hood of the car into the grass shoulder.’

Schneider was sent flying over 15-feet from the side of the shoulder and Alston was trapped inside the wreckage of her car.

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue pulled Alston from her cars twisted wreck and Schnieder was treated at the scene. 

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